September C4K update

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    This might be a bit off topic to start with but no one reads this anyway so whatever!

    As most of you might know I was out of action for longer than I expected. Joy's of saving a few dollars, I ended up doing all the work myself on the termite extermination and remodeling of the entire room. Room looks great btw. Just a few more things I'm waiting for from Amazon for extending my wires for Speakers and cable hiding tubes then it will be finished!

    Now onto C4K update..

    I've got my work cut out for me on here too it seems, It will take me a while to get caught all back up on things that need to be finished and fixed. I need to fix the automation system that will be the first thing I do. So you wont see much in terms of features still (Sad face.) However all good things come to those who wait! October I hope to have every mundane system fixed so I can push much needed systems that everyone will enjoy.

    Just thought I'd let you know I'm still alive, and wanting to do C4K for people. I'll get back into doing contests and all that stuff very soon.


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