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    I'm still alive!

    I am taking a small break, taking care of real life / house stuff at the moment as to the reason why I'm not too active in the Discord/website as of late. I'm remodeling my office as It's been in need of work for a while now. The floor is falling apart needs a new paint also looking to extend my work desk area. In the midst of taking out the old flooring I noticed some wood damage which could be termites, so I am working on sorting all this out. Story of my life, start something and its never as easy as throwing the floor in and painting..

    Once my improvement tasks are completed which might take a month or so I will start focusing all my effort into C4K as I have in the past 2 months. Real life comes first.

    As to the Game server, the server will be paid for and running while i'm doing the remodeling if those of you wish to still play on it. I will obviously check Discord for any issues every now and then. But don't expect fast support.

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