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    I'm not good with words, so ill keep this short and simple. Below is a few quick helpful tid-bits of information that will show you how to use our community. Please note, this website is under construction and most likely will be having major revamps over time. If you find any bugs or errors please report them under the Support section.

    C4K Community Vision
    This community was created out of Joykill3r's passion of coding, gaming and crypto currencies. Our future vision is already mentioned within our name. "Coins4Kills" this will be handled by crypto payouts in the future. For now we are building our custom systems to be able to support that.

    Essentially in the future you'll be able to earn money while playing on our servers based on the actions you do in game. More details will come soon. Till then enjoy the Rust servers C4K Provides and Contests we run to give back to our members!

    Exclusive & Public Contests & Giveaways
    From time to time we run events and prize giveaways. As costs go down from more VIP members supporting us we will be able to give away better things with their support. Which all members of our community can have the chance to win!

    Exclusive contests are mainly for VIP members, this will be where the bulk of the better prizes will be held as they are the ones who are helping to support the community the most. However Public contests will be ran regularly mostly in the form of skins for rust.

    Become a VIP Member
    Lets face facts, quality hardware costs money. VIP Members are the life blood of our community, they help donate to keep the lights on. Becoming a VIP member will grant you exclusive benefits that normal members wont have access to. Below is a list of some of these..

    • VIP Member Privileges
      • Exclusive VIP Contests & Giveaways (Along with Public Contests for all users.)
      • VIP Forum badge to show others you are epic!
      • VIP Discord Role to stand out from the crowd some more!
      • Access to C4K Developer talks - (Custom Plugin creations etc)
      • Access to even more Discord Commands. (coming soon)
      • Bypass Server Queues.
      • More to come..

    To become a VIP member you have to have your SteamID associated with your account. Currently the only way to associate your SteamID at the moment is via the Discord C4K Platform bot. You will need the following..

    • SteamID Association
      • SteamID64 number Example: 76561198047586802

    Once you have acquired your SteamID send a DM to the C4K Platform bot with the following command:

    !claimsteamid 76561198047586802

    Now the Bot will help you step through the claiming process. This will be changed in the future to be much easier and will be done in game by a slash command. For now you have to use this method.

    Once you have added your SteamID, you will be able to now visit the VIP Subscription page fill out the required information and everything should be handled with automatically. If there is any errors please contact support in discord or on the forums.

    How to add your SteamID to your Account
    As mentioned already above follow the SteamID Association steps excluding the VIP subscription if you do not want to pay for VIP membership benefits.

    ATTENTION: You will need steamid to be on your account for future stat tracking and other features in the future.

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