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  • July Server update

    I've got some bad news, with the extensive damage i've found in my house with termites I've had to postpone everything I've been working on till i can fix the damage. Might take me a while still yet. Till then ill keep things running as much as possible. But hardly any support will be done till i can get back into the swing of things.

    Sorry, but i think this is a bit more important.

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  • First blog / dev stuff

    I'm still alive!

    I am taking a small break, taking care of real life / house stuff at the moment as to the reason why I'm not too active in the Discord/website as of late. I'm remodeling my office as It's been in need of work for a while now. The floor is falling apart needs a new paint also looking to extend my work desk area. In the midst of taking out the old flooring I noticed some wood damage which could be termites, so I am working on sorting all this out. Story of my life, start something and its never as easy as throwing the floor in and painting..

    Once my improvement tasks are completed which might take a month or so I will start focusing all my effort into C4K as I have in the past 2 months. Real life comes first.

    As to the Game server, the server will be paid for and running while i'm doing the remodeling if those of you wish to still play on it. I will obviously check Discord for any issues every now and then. But don't expect fast support.

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  • C4K is now in Soft launch!

    Hi everyone! I bet your wondering what the heck is a soft launch? Just means im taking my time and slowly working on things as theres only one of me as jack of all trades for the community atm.

    C4K Changes
    If you have not noticed yet, we have a new website and its live. Heres a list of the things I've done over the past month or so..

    • Setup and configured website framework (still under construction but works!)
      • Quick bootstrap site layout, we will need to redo front end once we get ahead more on server plugins.
      • Added some custom page routes, Staff/Rules/Servers/Home still under construction though.
    • Custom coded Plugins for the website:
      • Discord SSO logins
      • Custom Payment gateway for VIP subs and store stuff.
      • Automated Role promotions on discord and website.
      • Start of the Stats tracking system plugin.
    • Custom coded C4K Platform discord Bot.
      • Custom various command modules for it for members to use.
      • Staff commands super secret sauce.
    • Custom coded Rcon Bot.
      • Watches server logins for VAC Banned users and bans them if they have been banned within a year.
      • Watches server for usernames that violate the no advertisement rules.
      • Logs everything CIA level in Rust.

    I'm sure i forgot to list some but that has been majority of the work so far.. When you register on this website using Discord, it will automatically create you an account. Please take the time to read the welcome link as it has vital information regarding steamid association.

    Last but not least...

    Staff Recruitment
    I am seeking at least two people who would like to help manage the forums, discord and in-game chat. This a voluntary position and you will not make any money doing this work. But you will earn my trust and you could learn some things along the way. If you think you would make a great fit for this position please make a post in Staff Apps section with the below questions filled out.

    Applications are public and this will allow members of the community to vote your post up or down. I feel this is the best way to let the community also decide your fate based on how you have interacted with them. However, Joykiller will have the deciding vote on who becomes staff based on various factors.

    Staff Application Questions
    Post Title: Nickname - Staff Application
    Questions: (copy and paste in your App Post)

    • How old are you?
    • What Timezone are you from?
    • Have you ever held a support position before? where?
    • What is your rough estimated timeframes you could do support for us?
    • Do you possess any skills? if so describe! IE: Photoshop, Coding, etc..

    Thank you for taking the time to read this wall of text! Also a special thank you to anyone who does put in for a staff position, the help would be much appreciated and allow me to code instead of having to start and stop on issues that popup.

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